The First Step

Do you know the most difficult thing to do in life? It can’t be termed as a single word, nor can it be described. It’s an action, a sort of gesture that you make to begin your journey towards a new adventure. It’s taking the first step. That decision, that determined stance you take to move forward and to just begin, that very decision is the most difficult thing in the world.

But once you take it, the feeling of accomplishment and exuberant excitement is irreplaceable. The first step you take to complete or overcome a task or an obstacle varies from person to person. But the end result, is a feeling of pure happiness and success, and that comes through in different ways. It could be through a sense of feeling, or a surprise or gift that someone gives you at the end of it, or it could even be just sitting calmly in your  bed and admiring your perseverance to get shit done. Some things just stick with us throughout our lives, and some accomplishments can never be forgotten.

It’s always scary, taking the first step. You come across a feeling of stepping into unknown territory. You make yourself come out of your comfort zone, as you step into the world, leaving a trail of footprints behind you as you walk in stronger with each stride.

Listed below are 5 accomplishments that are common to each and every individual out there, starting from the smallest to the biggest one. We all must have gone through it or are about to go through it, and can relate to it now or in the coming future. But we all took the first step towards achieving these accomplishments and coming out as a winner.


Remember the first time your parents decided to teach you how to ride a bike? When they made you sit on that seat, without the training wheels, and balanced you and pushed you as you pedaled away, one stroke at a time? Remember the first time you fell, scratches all over your arms and legs, but they made you get back on that seat and push yourself. Then the day came, when you finally did it. You balanced that bike without them holding on to you and you took that round of your colony. Do you remember that feeling of success, and watching the tears in your parents’ eyes when you came back, unhurt, happy and proud? Riding a bike is probably one of the first things you learn as a child. It’s also probably one of the things that has given you innumerable memories from childhood too.



Being thrown right into the water. That’s my first recollection from the first time my mom took me swimming. I think that’s the most common way for anyone to teach, unless you took proper lessons, that may have taken some time. But the feeling of shooting out of that water, gulping the fresh air, as you swing your arms one stride at a time, and reach the other end of the pool, that feeling never leaves you.



Turned 16? Started noticing how a car functions? The way the steering wheel answers your push. The connection you feel with your car, the power that comes within you with the acceleration. Learning how to drive may not be easy for some, mind you, but the first time you go on a drive, alone, can make driving your first love.

First confession of love

First Love
First Love

Remember writing notes or blushing at even the name being spoken? Exchanging those looks, and just smiling, but not being able to say a word. Being best friends and perhaps even more but not having the courage to make that even more phase come true. But one day, you do it. You ask him/her and you hear that “yes” from them. Your first love saying yes to you is your first brush with love outside the family. Of course the puppy love phase follows suit then.

First job

First Job
First Job

Your first step into the world. As a professional. Making your move towards achieving the career and life you’ve always dreamt of. The first interview you cracked, and got the job. That feeling of pride, in you and your loved ones, will never leave you. It’s a constant reminder of your true potential. You were that chosen one.

These achievements make you who you are today. Your determination to overcome the most difficult task makes you a person of respect. Someone who is fearless, and brave. Your thinking and your self-perceptions are what push you towards taking that first step. And at the end, it is you who emerges as the true winner.