Why it is worth following your heart

Entrepreneur Elon Musk once famously said ‘Life is too short to hold long-term grudges’. While that still holds true now, an improved mantra is doing the rounds in the younger brains. And that is ‘Life is too short for long-term plans’.

While that sounds hazardous to the older generations that want their kids to ‘settle down’ in stable bank jobs or government positions, we tell you why it is worth taking all the pressure to fight back and pursue your passion.

They aren’t wrong, they’re worried

Minority couple at their home – Source

We’re not saying that our parents are wrong in hoping that we do well for ourselves in life. But their idea of settling down hasn’t evolved with evolving times. In an age with so many technological advancements and so much visibility, it is your job to tell them that you are certain how to go about your business.

The internet

Courtesy: DigitalTrends
Courtesy: DigitalTrends

We’re currently living in an age where the internet is evolving right in front of us. While the world debates on how it can be used and what rules apply to it, we have full access to it and can use it to achieve any sort of publicity both good or bad like we’ve seen in the cases of AIB/TVF and Jasleen Kaur respectively.

Professions change with time

Indian Postman
Indian Postman – Source

The world is full of opportunities these days. All you need to do is make an effort to look for them. Times have changed and so have the important professions. Being a postman was once the biggest profession in demand. It is nearing its extinction now. Which only indicates one thing, professions change with time.

Monday blues

Monday blues
Monday blues – Source

If you are certain that we all hate Monday mornings because it calls for us to go to office and get to work, you have it all wrong in your head. It is not Monday that you hate. It is your job which you don’t find happiness in. If you were doing something you love for a living, Mondays would actually transform into a joyous day!

‘Car choti hogi, bangla chota hoga, par tum khush rahoge’

3 Idiots
3 Idiots – Source

This dialogue from 3 Idiot’s Farhan Qureshi speaks for itself. Life, just like movies, isn’t lived for the end. We watch a movie for the journey till the end. It is the journey that we cherish not the end. The same applies to life. Because if you aren’t happy doing what you do and end up saving the money you wanted to, you’d have nothing to cherish it.

I don’t mean to say that everything you are doing is wrong. If you love doing mainstream things like being an Engineer or taking care of accounts, then you are doing it right. But if you aren’t happy with it, quit it right away!

Kal ho na ho
Kal ho na ho – Source

‘kya pata, (ye opportunity) Kal ho na ho’.