Truth of Facebook-Wala Love & Make Yourself Conscious.

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Love on Facebook is simply stunning thing nowadays. The Facebook adoration begins from jabs to likes to remarks and lastly inbox. A large portion of the couples today discover their love life on Facebook rather than loafing for a partner at a miserable spot. The customary methods for discovering a match through “Pandit-ji” has almost diminished. Our new generation loves poke, likes, comments, tagging, fancy stickers and unlimited junk of profiles available on Facebook. We can assume that envision of relational unions on Facebook are just for mere fun, not for a distant long relationship.

In the event that you got a CRUSH  on somebody and don’t have enough guts to express love then Facebook help the online Romeo’s to find a Juliet. The old concept of proposing a girl has turned active online. Today anyone can find his/her crush online and send the request for friendship. For some freak’s the friendship turns fruitful while some unfortunate ones land up in a troublesome situation.

Facebook Love Life
Facebook Love Life – Image Source

Just by searching, poking and adding your crush on friend list will not work. To attract divas/hunks on Facebook, you have to have killer looks. The hybrid photo editing software Photoshop plays a vital role in modifying ordinary looks into a mirror cracking material.

Several guys and girls believe in editing pictures to gain a sudden increase in likes and comments.  Moreover, they receive pathetic comments of love, hearts, kisses and bla..bla..bla. On the other hand, the Romeos have to do lots of show off, hard work, copy paste and link sharing for gaining online reputation. Facebook stands as world’s icon for smart communication including the world of status, likes and comments.  Currently, the social networking site seems like a dating website, which is free. However, Net Neutrality news brought a reason to choke for wanna be lovers on Facebook.

It’s a Trap of Facebook Fake Ids

Facebook Fake Ids
Facebook Fake Ids – Image Source

Fake Facebook ID’s are not to be ignored, as these profiles are real character of Facebook-Wala-Love. These fake profiles use copied images from the other account, which are pathetic as they sometimes have names like – Yo Yo Ka Jeeja, Angel Rai Katrina, KILLER BABA, LOVER BOY KRISH, Lord of the Dark and the list continues with weird names.

For sure, people make these fake ids, not for mere fun but to spread exploitation and cybercrime. Many online freaks love chatting with same sex person via fake profile. These guys may certainly have a lustful urge in themselves. Shockingly, Girls too are an accused for chatting to random people using a fake male profile and make boys the biggest fool on earth. In addition, fake Facebook profiles with weird names are common and the only way to avoid them is through not adding them to your profile. In many cases, the guy/girl you are chatting on Facebook can be the weird guy/girl next door. The photos you like and comment can be the fake person. The surprising Facebook-Wala-Love is making several lovers a big time fool.

munde-facebook-te-fake-id-bnake-mundeyaan-nu-hi-fsayi-firde-ne-facebook-troll-picture – Image Source

Well, whatever chaotic situation may rise. But Love on Facebook happens anywhere, anytime and with anybody. There is no daily record, how many hearts meet, love online, date, break, crash and land up with relationship notifications like divorced, committed, complicated, Single, and other FB relationship status. Mark Zuckerberg the creator and father of Facebook transformed the real world limited to a website and it’s great. There are certain advantages and certain disadvantages of Facebook. Yet, we cannot say Facebook is bad but it is also good, we can just relax and keep enjoying posts, status, photos, videos, tags and keep making Facebook-Vala-Love.

So guys and girls, if you are experiencing FACEBOOK-Vala-Love then be BEWARE of with whom you chatting and planning for dating – because the results can be BITTER or SWEETER.

God Bless your Facebook Profiles!