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These Gif's Will Tell You Everything About Girls

These Gif’s Will Tell You Everything About Girls

There is nothing more terrifying in this world than a woman who thinks she knows it all and knows nothing at all. They’re all whining which is well, genuinely cribbing (oh, just shut up!) or they’re playing mind game which is only because they can never understand poker!

A lot of gossips – Girls need to gossip all the time. It’s a talk-talk-talk show for them 24×7. They can talk about anything and anyone, at any point of time.

No, we don't.
No, we don’t.

Okay, so girls need assurance about themselves all the time. After the assurance comes the re-assurance and then actions to prove those reassurances.


Girls need to be told ah-so-amazing things about their looks, behaviour, personality, friends… everything for them to feel better about themselves.

This is the most important part – Friends are the most important aspect of a girl and boys should know this damn right!

Friends is everything.
Friends are everything.

If your girl is happy then one thing is for sure that you are in trouble, buddy.


She is going to take you to a million places (where you have to pay), shopping is a must and don’t forget the PDA which is going to take place because she is – HAPPY!

So girls claim to “care about nothing” but trust me, they care about everything more than you can ever imagine.


Because minding everybody else’s business comes naturally for them.

Generally, when realizing that the actions they are going to perform are going to be sinful they stop.

Girl Problems.
Girl problems.

BUT girls go on with such action with even greater confidence! Destruction gives them satisfaction what nothing else can.

People come up with a resolution once a year, but girls come up with resolutions at least six times a day.

You may now laugh.
You may now laugh.

Every fight or discussion will come to only one solution – I am trying to change. The real question is – Will you ever change?

Hello, drama Girls will put an end to the end. There has to be an overdose of drama and revenge oozing out from every side. Watch out, boys!


You better love it because they love it. There is no room for opinions.

You better love it.
You better love it

Boys, this one is especially for you. Every boy should be a superhero because if you’re not moving mountains for her.. you’re doing it all wrong!


So good luck for dealing with all the girls around you. I hope you make them proud and don’t end up at Irish House at the end of it all!

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