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The True Meaning of Feminism; An Appeal To All Males

The True Meaning of Feminism, An Appeal To All Males

Feminism Is For Every One
Feminism Is For everyone- Image Source

Our country today is split into two kinds of “for women” activists; one who vouch for equality, the true feminists, and the other who are a tad too absurd, and have been termed widely, feminazis.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but when something, or someone, is given too many vocal favors, without any legit required action towards the direction, people start to repel the cause. And that is exactly what is happening with the cause of feminism in this country.

Suddenly, men have started saying that they are the forgotten gender, and a feeling of revenge has started brewing up between genders. But hang on, females too are responsible for this to some extent. Fake cases of rape and dowry have cropped up in direct proportion to increased cases of rape and molestation.

One thing that everybody seems to forget is, that somehow amidst this fight of who is right and who is wrong, the innocents of both genders are suffering. The distressed men suffer the unreasonable taunts of women, and the affected women suffer verbal abuse and mistrust at the hands of men.

Women Equality Image Source: https://www.lwvmn.org/sites/default/files/images/Femisism%20redefined.jpg
Women Equality Image Source

Let us try to look at what is feminism, and how is it actually something from which both men and women can benefit, equally.

Feminism is equality of genders, and not the superiority of females over males

Image Source: http://images.bwog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/shutterstock_221466169.jpg
Image Source:

Yes, believe it or not, the main principle behind feminism is this. Now you might say then why is it names after one gender, why not humanism, or something which spells equality? To that my friend, the answer is very simple. Patriarchy, which is a male based term. To reverse that and bring back gender balance, feminism is a movement which indeed is named after one gender, but is beneficial for both.

Real Men Don’t Cry.

Real Men Don’t Cry.
Real Men Don’t Cry.- Image Source

Heard the famous dialogue; “Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota”? It is quite true in our society where boys are taught from a very young age that are the stronger gender and they should deal with things accordingly. Now, before I get a bashing, let me explain that I have nothing against their mothers.

This upbringing and mentality exists in the simple things of life, and in innocent statements you make without thinking. “Ladki ki Tarah kyon sharma Raha hai, naam bata or even “Big boys don’t cry, roti to ladkiyan hain na?”. Mind you, these words were uttered by qualified mums of new age, so I had all the right to be even more appalled.

Nurturing your young kids to accept their emotional side won’t make them any less manly. It will just bring them a step closer towards understanding the other gender better, and that they would be more open in expressing their feelings which will be good for them too. Also, condemn mocking and bullying on boys’ crying. It is an emotional setback for every young mind.

The other side of the fence, fake cases and misuse of laws

fake cases and misuse of laws
fake cases and misuse of laws – Image Source:
fake cases and misuse of laws
fake cases and misuse of laws – Image Source

One of the saddest consequences of patriarchy has been that men are accepted guilty by default. The advent of social media has been a useful one if you want to put your thoughts across, but it has been very deadly in passing quick judgement, and ruining lives in the process.

The very recent and very fresh examples are that of Rohtak Sisters and Jasleen Kaur, where media became the judge and prosecuted the males accused on the basis of a Facebook post. I am not yet saying who is the guilty party here, but the role of media and the hasty judgement should not have happened.

Hasty laws are being passed to counter the ever increasing cases of rapes, and in the process a new kind of criminals is being created; a section of urban females who know how to manipulate laws to their benefit by using gender biased laws.

However, it is on us, as sane individuals, to know that this certainly isn’t feminism. Feminism never meant degrading the male gender and victimizing them. We don’t want a situation that is opposite of patriarchy, we are trying to maintain a long lost balance of genders here.

To all my dear men

To all my dear men
To all my dear men – Image Source

Not all of us are money hungry feminazis, and not all men who sympathies with the cause of feminism are “manginas”, as you like to call them. Feminism is simply equality for both genders. The Superiority of either gender is detrimental, as we have seen in the very clever Y-films Youtube series “Man’s World”.

If we create the world where women are empowered and men are the demeaned ones, what difference will it make? Will it not be the same when patriarchy existed in all its glory? Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but I don’t believe our differences to be so vast so that co-existence becomes an intolerant burden.

Not all women are bad, and we are not the ones who believe all men are rapists. You are not. You are good people with some typical male characteristics that even we as females have, only that some of the lot have gone bad to give you a worse name.

But the same is happening when some so called representatives of female march out abusing all men, those are the bad lot in women. The bad lot are the ones who rape, and the ones who use the protection laws to destroy someone innocent’s life.

Women, if you think it is your right to expect a six-figure salary from your husband, then Men, it is perfectly okay to look for perfect physical attributes in your woman.

physical attributes in your woman.
physical attributes in your woman. – Image Source

And that is absolutely fair. The biggest double standards that you come across while reading about today’s distorted view of feminism is the fact that females can expect everything from their male counterparts, but a little expectation on latter’s part is termed male chauvinism. That, my friend, is not feminism at all.

Feminism is when you would have stood by your man’s side even when he earned a meager amount, and supported and encouraged him on his way to success. Only then you can expect unconditional love, even when you look your worst and exhausted after a day’s work. You sow what you reap, essentially. Being unreasonably hard on a good man in your life, is not feminism.

In the end, I would just like to conclude by a saying something, which is a quote, and at the same time modified as a humble request to all the males out there;

“When you’re accustomed to privilege (patriarchy), equality (feminism) feels like oppression.”

Don’t feel so. Feminism is a noble movement that cannot be achieved without the united efforts of both the genders. Both have to work hand in hand, ignoring the bad apples among us. Only then we can achieve equality of genders, and the world where the parallel lines of Mars and Venus finally intersect, to live peacefully hereafter. Feminism is a movement for equality, not a preparation for gender battle.

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