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Strings that come attached with a relationship!

Strings that come attached with a relationship!

The most common aspect of being young is being in a relationship. Everyone is in a relationship during their school or college years. But is being in love or a relationship easy? Is it as dreamy as it seems? Does it only make you happy? The answer is.. yes and no!

Planning: Being in a relationship is going to make you a good planner! You are going to spend hours and weeks on planning.

You are going to plan surprises, birthday’s, dates and the most important is going to be the future planning! Basically, plan.. everything.

silence – Image Source

Confusion: Love is going to leave you confused about everything. You won’t know what you’re feeling, why you’re feeling and what you’re supposed to do with those feelings.

It’s going to leave clueless and you will rarely be able to distinguish between a negative feeling from a positive one.

pain or happiness?
pain or happiness? – Image Source

Happiness: Yes, it does exist. You are going to find yourself to be happy and uplifted if you are in a healthy relationship. Love can make you feel calm and content.

You will find yourself to be really happy when you are around the person you love. They are going to take over your in all the right ways!

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Over Thinking: Does he love me? Like me? Want me? Has he changed? Will he leave me? And it continues. You will be thinking all the time. Over analyzing every situation and thought. Basically, you’re gone!

does he?
does he? – Image Source

Emotions: So are you ready for an overflow of emotions? You are going to be loaded with emotions and feelings instead of money and alcohol !

You will constantly connect everything to your relationship and feel like you life only revolves around it. They are going to drive you insane.

call 911
call 911 – Image Source

Self Doubt: Being in love or a relationship will eventually lead to self-doubt and low self-esteem. Constant fights and being accused is going to make wonder about who you actually are and if that’s good enough.

You will stop giving yourself time and importance and will only focus on the relationship. Take a tip – Believe in yourself for them to believe in you!

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Experience: Well, if you’re thinking you will be in love or relationship only once. you’re wrong. You are going to keep walking in and out of relationships and every time it’s going to feel like it’s a “true love”.

Love is a great experience. Over the years, you will realize that it taught you a lot about people, feelings, situations and gifted you with a lot of patience.

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Making Love: You’re going to be physically attracted to the person you love. You are going to look out for any situation or place or reason to make love.

You are going to find yourself constantly craving to hug or kiss the person you are with. So pizza is going to be replaced by your loved one. (that’s some love, I must say)

kiss me
kiss me – Image Source

Security: Love is always going to make you feel secured. It’s going to make you feel like someone is always there for you. You’re never going to be lonely (well, let’s hope) and you will always feel like someone is there to take care of you and your needs.

serve away
serve away – Image Source

Pampered: Being in love or a relationship will result to lots of pampering! You’re going to focus on pampering your loved one with lots of gifts, surprises, lunches, etc. It’s going to make you feel special and what else does one need?

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