Sex and the Beer – A Hot Combination Which Every Man Craves For!

People who drink beer knows the real importance, need and taste of it. For them, beer is their partner in both the times of happiness and sorrowfulness. Beer-lovers, hold your breath, I have one hot news for you:

A couple of pints can make you sizzling hot beneath the sheets. Yes! Beer makes you hotter in bed.

Chilled beer
Chilled beer – image source

Let’s explore the four sex benefits of beer one by one!

Sipping a few pints can delay premature ejaculation, yes it’s true!

Sex and the beer
Sex and the beer – Image source

Beer contains phytoestrogens which surpluses the body leading to deferral orgasm.

dark beer acts as an aphrodisiac which increases the libido and thus causing stronger erections.

Chilled Beer
Chilled Beer – Image source

Dark beer is rich in iron, it helps red blood cells in creating hemoglobin. This transfers oxygen around the body that rallies circulation giving rise to extended erections.

Chug a few more pints and increase your sexual stamina.

A beer a day keeps the doctor away
A beer a day keeps the doctor away – Image Source

The people who drink beer at a moderate level are more immune to cardiovascular disease than non-drinkers. So, beer lovers, don’t worry; strokes, heart attacks and other heart diseases won’t attack you easily….you are shielded with beer!

Beer contains vitamin B and probiotics which ameliorates health and enhances the condition of your stomach.

Chilled beer
Chilled beer – Image source

Pour a sprinkle of beer in your stomach to avoid laziness during SEX! It improves your overall health as well.

Despite these benefits, remember one thing; excess of anything is harmful! Beer can only become an add-on into your bedroom if you drink it in moderation.

Dude, it’s time to grab some ice for cold beer and Hot you!