Sending You Love, Ladoos and Laughter This Diwali!

If you’re already at the railway station or Airport travelling home for this Diwali, then you must be midst memories! Celebrating Diwali with friends and family makes this occasion all the more special!

It is fun to be at home on a holiday with hot Khaana served every time you ask! With back-to-back get-together and fun with a cousin, here’s a list of 5 presents Diwali stands for!

Shopping with Family

Actress-Priety-Zinta-HD-Pictures-in-Party-Wear-Suits-2014-7 (2)
Actress-Priety-Zinta-HD-Pictures-in-Party-Wear-Suits-2014-7 (2)

Shopping has a way to pull anyone into the festive season. It’s time to do the catwalk in ethnic wear this gala season. Purchasing trendy Jute silks saris and Anarkali from the original makers is a delight with mom, dad, and sister being the audience for an entire day!

Spending the whole day in the shopping centres with family is the tradition followed for years. If you are following it still, kudos, the khatta and meeta of shopping with family is known. 😉

Dazzling Diyas

Diwali Diyas
Diwali Diyas

Decorating with Diyas mean brightness without using electricity! This indicates pushing away darkness from our hearts and minds and glowing with Determination and Perseverance in the form of light which brings brightness.

Lighting your heart brightens your mind for better things to come.

Sweets and Khaana


If Love is Food and Food is Love, I would spend all day eating! Nevertheless, we still do the same! All food barriers are broken during this season! The merry time together without complaints! Festivity has the power to bring back memories and diminishes the ego.

Let’s enjoy the home food and feed each other this Diwali as it has the power to bring back the emotions and long lost friends back home!

Prayers and Family Picture

Family Hug
Family Hug

Join your hands to thank God and be grateful for the health, wealth and prosperous life we have! Feel blessed and thankful for being as a family that is smiling after sharing troubled times, it’s time to join hands and celebrate the happy times too! It’s time for the family picture!!

Share and Care for Your Pets:


Lighting another’s life and thoughts are the motives of this festive season. Sharing is caring! Spread the joy with the unknown and underprivileged and make their day! Smile and donate!

Sharing the joy of Diwali with friends and family is the true celebration and the memories last forever!