Meet L.I.F.E – Perfect People To Get Inspired For A Family Trip

Would you believe that travelling from namma ooru Bangalore to France is possible on the road?

Well yes.

Would you think it is possible to travel that far in a Fiat car?

Well maybe.

Would you agree if 111 days would be enough?

Could be.

Top of it all, Would you believe that a family of 4 did it?

Oh! Is it for real???


And Yes it is! An Indian Family from Bangalore who call themselves as L.I.F.E  – Little Indian Family of Explorers have made this remarkable trip possible. They have chosen to take a scenic route from Bangalore to France via 11 countries. They travelled 22,780kms! The family consists of

the family
the family

Anand Baid – A 37-year-old animation specialist

Punita Baid – A 35-year-old Software professional

Yash – 12-year-old from class 6 At Deen’s academy, White field

Driti – 8-year-old from class 2 At Deen’s academy, White field

The route they took comprised was as follows:

Bangalore –  Nepal – Tibet – China – Turkmenistan – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan – Greece – Turkey – Iran, Spain – Italy – France

the route
the route

The family were pure vegetarians and had to face that as a challenge as well. if you thought that was a lot to handle, their trip showed them more.


They were caught in Nepal when the earthquake struck the place. It was a scary experience and had them stuck for 5 days straight.

Not just the quake, they had battled out hailstorms, biting cold, deserts, unbuilt roads all along the way.

However, this trip was the best lessons for their kids lives, the proud parents believe that they are better equipped to face the world with a lot of experience from the world trip.

Travel fun
Travel fun

They also got to see the best wallpaper scenic locations like Greece, Turkey and the magnificent Door to a hell of Turkmenistan.

Did you think travelling was impossible after getting family commitments like kids? It’s time to rethink on those lines. This family is a true inspiration for anyone who loves to travel and love being a family too.

It is truly amazing what a little family did that serves as an inspiration for anyone who loves both travel and family!

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