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Her Chronicle as a pushover

Her Chronicle as a pushover

At 10, She melted into that one glance he (her first crush) gave her and then asked her to finish his undone assignment for school tomorrow.

Cute GIrl and Boy
Cute GIrl and Boy – Image Source

At 15, She was a fairly bright student but devoted time finishing up his (college stud so she hopes should ask her out) laboratory journals.

Their relationship was that of exchanging glances and smiles. He is never took her out; but she simply missed the point.  Later one night, she checked his Facebook page only to find out that he was hanging around the city with his gang which she is definitely not part of.

Girl doing homework
Girl doing homework – Image Source

At 20, She could have scored an A on that paper but the night before she was busy neatly sketching diagrams for his (her boyfriend or so she’d like to believe) project work. She loved going out for the movies. He never took her.

Cute Girl Reading
Cute Girl Reading – Image Source

At 25, She wanted to go to the club and hoped that he (her first true unrequited love) would take her. He did drop by her place on Saturday evening to pick up “not her” but the latest song collection he had asked her download the other day.

lonely Girl
lonely Girl – Image Source

At 30, She wanted to continue her job after a year of being a mother, but he (husband) asked her to be a stay home mom and she agreed. By now she was so used to being a pushover that she doesn’t even realize the weight of those sacrifices.

Busy woman multitasking
Busy woman multitasking – Image Source

Do you see what’s happening here?

Your dreams and desires matter.  You deserve to be taken out on a date without having to complete someone’s curriculum assignment or making a favour. Don’t let someone misuse your time and efforts when those same resources could go into ‘Project You’. Never be like her.

You have so much to do and so less time.  Take that dance class you always wanted to or treat self with a pottery/ gardening session. Learn a new language, or do what ever the hell you want to do.

But remember being in a relationship is not about someone depending on you for his daily chores and dirty jobs.

It is about companionship and togetherness- Simply looking into each other’s eyes to read the souls, deep conversations over coffee, walking on a lonely beach hand in hand, cooking meals together, making a mess and then laughing it off while cleaning up together. It is such relationships that last for eternity.

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