For all the bosses and workaholics out there; more breaks during office hours leads to more productivity.

It’s really tough to spend those 8 hours of every day in an office, sitting at one place, constantly looking at your systems; no one can work that way effectively and our bosses need to understand this, Right?

In our busy schedule, it’s almost next to impossible to take time for ourselves and for our health. And the, sitting on a chair for longer hours will only bring ill-effects to our health.

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“All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, do you remember this phrase? Probably yes, we all remember this famous slogan of our childhood time. This same concept applies to our daily office wok as well, working for long hours without setting our mind free will bring no good to the organization, instead it will become a cause of our frustration.

Break Time
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More breaks lead to less boredom and thus, you’re more focused. Moreover, it also helps you to make connections with other employees as well.

More breaks lead to less boredom
More breaks lead to less boredom – Image source:

As per a recent study steered by researchers from King’s college London, dropping elongated sitting by augmenting the levels of physical movement is ineffectual than a direct effort to decrease sitting time.

The team has done a high research on the prevailing literature by trying diverse involvements that are pursued to diminish sitting time. After this, rendering to the helpfulness bought they classify these studies on the basis of tactics examined.

According to the researchers, sitting is a distinct behavior change that is not at all related to physical activity. “The bad impacts of elevated amounts of sitting may end up being particularly harming given that such a variety of individuals sits for long periods”.

Past studies and surveys have demonstrated that larger amounts of sitting are connected with diabetes, cancer and heart diseases, if  a person is not doing any other physical exercise along with that.

The outcomes can be utilized by general health makers and policymakers in charge of outlining new intercessions to diminish sitting time and enhance the general strength of the individuals who may sit for delayed periods.

So guys, let’s make our work place, a place free of stress and full of productivity. It’s a must read article for all the bosses………isn’t it?