Father Kills 6-Year-Old Girl After Her Dupatta Slips Off Head

Humanity is dead now. Another case of brutality took place in Bijapur station area, Uttar Pradesh, where a father killed her 6-year-old daughter after her dupatta slid off head.


Zafar, the father of that girl, flogged his daughter to ground, whereas mother was asking villagers for help her. When the villagers reached the spot, they saw man thrashing her daughter mercilessly. The villagers got frightened by the way he was beating his daughter and couldn’t have the courage to stop the man.

Zafar Ali, 6-Year Old Girl Father
Zafar Ali, 6-Year Old Girl Father – Source:

After so much cruelty, he started digging a grave for his own daughter and even tried to put the girl’s body in it. Then, finally police reached the spot (Just like always, at the end after the death of the girl) and arrested the culprit. The minor’s body has been sent for postmortem examination.

I don’t know what’s happening to our society. Is slipping off a dupatta from head is such a big crime?

Is Humanity Really Dead?