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Barney, Ted & Marshall, Who’s the best of them all?

Barney, Ted & Marshall, Who’s the best of them all?

Reel life takes its leaf of inspiration from reality and so, every character ever made in the history of world cinema and television, would have common ground of traits with someone, somewhere.

Now think of it this way- If Barney, Ted and Marshall, more or less represented all men under the sun, pitting them against each other could help you find out how your ideal boyfriend should be. You might also just find out the kind of person your ‘he’ is.

Sounds good?

Let the smack down begin.

Ted Mosby

Unquestionably the most hopelessly romantic guy ever (Remember the Blue French horn? He stole on the first date for Robin). He has a love for languages and is fond of art, culture and history (Ya! finding an old little penny from 1939 while riding the subway once made the day for him), to the extent, that his deep-seated inclinations make him boring and monochromatic in conversations.

Though mostly unlucky in relationships, he has almost always been hopeful about finding his one true love. But knocking the wrong doors in relationships has been his forte. Come on, we all know one such guy.

Ted Mosby – Image Source

Your ‘he’ is a Ted Mosby if he is all of the following things:

  • Believes in ‘the one’
  • Makes big gestures in love in the rom-com guy kinda way
  • Clingy and obsessive in relationships
  • Passionate and finicky about little things
  • Overthinks every little detail of his life and yours
  • Diseased with the art of perfection which almost always takes away the spontaneity and fun out of things

Barney Stinson

The suited, fun loving and handsome womanizer, who creates crazy well-planned situations and strategies to sleep around with women. (How can we ever get ourselves over the Playbook?) He is not built for monogamy. So, if all you have in mind is to pick-up a handsome guy at the bar and have some fun tonight with no emo-drama, Barney is the guy for you. Anything over and above that- Like breakfast in bed together and more- You shall be disappointed.

Barney Stinson – Image Source

Your ‘he’ could be Barney Stinson if is nothing less than the below list:

  • Has a reluctance to commitment
  • Every women is merely a target to be checked off the list
  • Sociopath who fails to understand the true meaning of relationships
  • Manipulative and competitive
  • He is the “go-to” guy for partying and gaga

Marshall Eriksen

The perfect Husband- that’s what Marshall is in three words. He is a Small town guy who loves to be around family. Always teamed up with his better half and would do anything to make her happy. He believes in the theory of soul mates and only one person he has ever slept with, is his better half and wife.

Actor Jason Segel arrives at the premiere of "I Love You, Man" held at Mann's Village Theater on March 17, 2009 in Westwood, California. AFP PHOTO / GABRIEL BOUYS (Photo credit should read GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)
Actor Jason Segel arrives at the premiere of “I Love You, Man”

Are you looking for a Marshall Eriksen?

  • You are his whole world and he wants to share every life experience with you
  • He can complete your sentences before you can
  • Tells you every minute detail about his life and wants to know about yours
  • Understands you even when you are seemingly incoherent
  • Knows that dreams are special, only when you have someone to share them with
  • Loyal as hell but not obsessive and prying
  • Motivates you to live your dreams

Here..Lawyer-ed!! Do I even have to declare the winner? It is crystal clear.  Marshall stands out in the Biggest Boyfriend Wars ever. But this isn’t really about these three fictional characters.

It is more about what you really deserve and how you want to be treated. Every girl deserves a Marshall, but she shall get him only if she spots him head on and takes that leap to be with him. Your Marshall is just around the corner. Probably you just didn’t realize it yet! Go get him…Girl!

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