5 Ways To Tackle Your Shopaholic Girlfriend When Your Pockets Are Empty.

Everyone is broke at times. If you have a shopaholic girlfriend, you can never say no to a shopping trip with her. How do you manage the situation when your purse weighs less? Here are 5 brilliant ideas just for you

Let’s come for the sale 😀

Let's come for the sale
Let’s come for the sale

This will surely change your girl’s mood. Make her believe that you can buy more for the same price that you spend now. It will really work, because, shop later makes her feel that she can literally buy anything later!

This doesn’t look good on you 😉 :p

This doesn't look good on you
This doesn’t look good on you

This works like a charm. Any girl will want a positive note before buying something. You might try something like choosing a color that suits better for your skin or anything totally random. It will work without hurting your girl’s feelings.

Fake a headache 😉

Fake a headache
Fake a headache

Suddenly act as if you get a severe headache. A true and caring girlfriend will care for you and quit the shopping session. It is a good idea but make sure that you act naturally.

Distract your girlfriend.

Distract her
Distract her

Make her forget the shopping experience. Take her out, do something crazy that she will totally forget that she had planned to go shopping with you. It is a fun way and can make your girl more close to you!

Get out at once.

Get Out At once
Get Out At once

Take a good chance to get out of the shopping area at once. It is not an easy job, but once it is done, you are in your safe zone. Make sure that you gift your girl for all what she wished for soon as your pockets get a refill. It is always nice to have your sweet girl smiling!