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5 reasons why Badal-Mandela comparison is unfair

5 reasons why Badal-Mandela comparison is unfair

Prime Minister Narendra Modi raked up a huge media furore after he called Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, the ‘Indian Nelson Mandela’.

Twitter and Facebook were quick to react to the Prime Minister’s remarks and within an hour of his tweet, “YoBadalSoMandela” was trending on Twitter.

But as much as we love our prime minister, we disagree with him on this one. Here are five reasons why Parkash Singh Badal is not Nelson Mandela. (And the fact that we need to give you five reasons gets us worried.)

Living up to your name

Nelson Mandela’s middle name was Rolihlahla. According to the tribe he was born in – Xhosa  tribe – the name means a person who pulls the branch of a tree or troublemaker. Which is exactly what he did. Parkash Singh Badal on the other hand never transformed into a cloud to justify his name. Badal – cloud, get it?

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

Pulling off a disguise: Nelson Mandela, or Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela as we just learned, was a master when it came to disguises.

While fighting the South African government for Apartheid, he used various disguises to keep himself from getting arrested. In fact, the newspapers even started calling him “Black Pimpernel” for his tactics.

Parkash Singh Badal on the other hand practices Sikhism. Not really a religion that can keep you discreet.

World stature: Nelson Mandela was on the terror watch list of the United States of America. Unlike these days when everyone’s on this list, back then it was a very privileged few who made the cut.

And Mandela did all this while being holed up in a prison, which goes to show how big of a personality he had. Parkash Singh Badal on the other hand fails to make it in the text book list of Chief Ministers as well.

In fact, apart from Punjab, people from Punjab living in other states of the country and a few parts of Canada, no one really knows who he really is.

Parkash Singh Badal
Parkash Singh Badal

Identity confusion: Nelson Mandela was the architect of modern South Africa and was spearheading the most complete revolt in all of modern history. It was very clear that they were going to make films about him.

But who would have known that Morgan Freeman in Invictus would play the character so well that people would start mistaking him for Nelson Mandela for the rest of the life. Although this is a classy confusion to have.

Parkash Singh Badal on the other hand, is confused because most people outside the state don’t even know him. Generally the confusion here is, ‘Ye kon hai bhai, Manmohan Singh to alag lagta tha’.

He really isn’t: Comparing one of the greatest revolutionaries of all time to a chief minister of an Indian state whose major contribution has just been to be the chief minister while his state immerses itself in drugs and loans is unfair to say the least.

As much as we respect your free flowing speech Mr.Prime Minister, this shot’s missed the target, and by a country Mile.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

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