5 lessons of love from The Longest Ride

The 2015 flick- the longest Ride is a movie adaption of eponymous romance novel by Nicholas Sparks. When the Art lover Sophia smites a professional bull rider Luke, he asks her on a date which ends up becoming the longest ride in their efforts to save an old man from a car crash.

As the old man takes his road to recovery, he shares the story of his vintage love with the newbie lovers, and soon we realize that their stories start to interweave. Here are five lessons of love from this adorably romantic movie that you can learn:

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“She had a great eye for talent, but I only had eyes for her” – Ira Levinson

A simple small town shy lad, Ira may not have the sophistication or the love for art, but he had a big heart and that heart was filled with love for Ruth. He could do anything to make her feel alive. He devoted his life to collecting art, because she loved art and it brought smile to her face.

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“I don’t know what the future holds but I know there is no future without you.” – Ruth Levinson

She knows that life with Ira would be a pile of hardships, because he cant even in his dreams give her the fruits of motherhood when all she has ever wanted is to have a big family, and children. She chooses him over her dreams because she knows that chance of a life together was greater than the risk of being apart.

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“I just want you to be happy, even if that ‘happy’ doesn’t include me anymore.”- Ira Levinson

Love is not just being together forever, rather it could also mean being apart for the happiness of the one you love. Ira is ready to have Ruth leave him just so that she can find her happiness, even if it means being away from him.

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“We come from such different worlds but I’ve never felt this way about anybody. No one has ever done anything like this for me before.”- Sophia Danko

Sophia, a lover of art is a college student who is set for an internship in New York City, and Luke is a small town cowboy, who, being a professional bull rider puts his life in danger every time he goes out to work.

Hailing from such different backgrounds, almost poles apart; yet, they decide to make things work regardless, taking inspiration from the vintage love of Ira and Ruth. That is what love is really about.

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“If I could just ride that son of a … If I could just make the 8, I’d have everything I ever wanted… but the whole time I was thinking about you.”- Luke Collins

Achieving your dreams cannot give you happiness, if you do not have your loved ones by your side to share those dreams with you. Luke had done it! He became world champion, but his eyes had no satisfaction of achievement. His eyes were emptily looking for Sophia, in the crowd that was cheering his victory. None of it meant anything without her presence in his life, and that realization took his feet back towards her.