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12 Best Themed Planes in the World

12 Best Themed Planes in the World

Airplanes today are not only the fastest modes of transportation but are a part of the everyday scenery. They have distinct colours and patterns and this is how one can know which plane belongs to which company.

In the last decade, we got to see that airlines have indeed upped their game and have implemented unique livery and design.

Not only the interiors but even the exteriors of the airlines are revamped, and we here bring you the 12 best-themed planes; from Disney to Hello Kitty.

Alaska Airlines


This is one of those airlines which has a number of amazing themed planes for years now. They have created two Disney planes which are named as “Make a Wish Plane” and “Spirit of Alaska”.

The Disney planes have the Disney’s signature logo and a number of lovable characters like Goofy, the Cars Crew and Mickey and Minnie.

Thai Smile, Adventure Time

thai smile

Thai Airways teamed up with Cartoon Network to create this unique themed plane and was named Adventure Time. The plane features the characters of Finn, Princess Bubblegum and Jake.

All Nippon Airways, Star Wars

Star WArs

Though this plane has not yet hit the skies, this promises to be the best of all themed planes. The soon to be launched plane is covered in blue and silver colours and also features the famous Star Wars logo.

Etihad, Formula One

formula 1

Etihad has joined hands with Formula One and has created the stunning plane. The Airbus A340-600 is covered in While, Red and Black background with a large F1 along its side and with a Flag on its tail.

WestJet, Disney Magic


Disney is loved by kids and adults alike. WestJet collaborated with Walt Disney and WestJet Vacations to unveil this amazing airplane in the year 2013.

The design of this plane has 36 colours and about 26 painters worked round the clock for 24 days to complete the painting job.

The interior of this plane too was designed in sync with the exteriors and even the cookies they handover are in the shape of Disney characters.

Swiss Airlines, Flower Power

Flower power

It was in the year 2010 that Swiss Airlines introduced their plane which was named “Flower Power”. The plane was launched to mark their celebrations of their new flights from Zürich to San Francisco.

The design of the plane was a number of multi-coloured flowers. 3 days and eight people and a special film of 400 meters were needed to make this into a colourful hippie plane.

Western Pacific, The Simpsons


Though Western Pacific was short-lived, most of their airplanes were known for their livery. This was a very first airline which has put up its exterior for rent as a billboard. The most famous and loved was the Simpsons livery.

Though the interior was never changed, the exterior featured the faces of Lisa, Marge, Bart, Maggie and Homer and had a Simpson’s logo to its side.

All Nippon Airways, The Pokémon


Even before Hello Kitty, the most famous themed planes was Pokémon Plane of All Nippon Airways which not only had a livery featured on the exterior but also made great changes to its interiors.

The plane featured quite a number of Pokémon characters on the interior as well as the exterior and all the passengers were treated with themed cups, souvenir bags and much more.

Qantas, Flying Art


This is known to be the most striking and original looking aircraft and about 6 airplanes of Qantas were painted, inspired by the themes of Nalanji Dreaming, Wunala Dreaming, Yananya Dreaming and Mendoowoorrji. All these are quite unique and feature bright colours with intricate designs.

Kulula Air, The Explanation Plane


If you wish to find some answers about the most asked questions about aircrafts, then this is the plane to be on. The South African Airline, Kulula Air has its exterior painted in text and pictures which explain the passengers about the every part of the aircraft.

Air New Zealand, The Hobbit Plane

AIr newzealand

This plane can be termed as The Best of the themed planes in the World. The airline was also in the news for releasing of some of the best safety videos and they have taken a step ahead by painting their planes in some amazing themes.

They have also released two Hobbit-themed safety videos which are played for the safety briefing. Passengers certainly feel that they are in Middle Earth once they board this plane.

The recent safety video which was named, “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made” features elves, dwarves, wizards, creatures of Mordor and many more.

EVA Airways, Hello Kitty

Hello KItty

The one to top the charts is the Hello Kitty themed jet as it takes the adventure to an all new level. Passengers even can purchase their own Hello Kitty apparel from the website of these jets.

Even the check-in screens along with the boarding passes are all decked up with the theme of Hello Kitty. Even the attendants are seen wearing Pink Hello Kitty Aprons and once they make their way to the seat, passengers can find pillows, headrests all in the same theme. Even the bathroom is very carefully decorated with Hello Kitty hand wash and toilet paper.

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