10 Indian Pranks and Social Experiments that are Hilarious & Shocking, Yet Interesting!

Social pranks
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Presenting the list of top 10 Indian pranks created with a positive aim to judge the impact of social experiments on the society. The witty part of the prank gives entertainment to the viewer while the victim falls in a trap.

These prank’s had been attempted by the India’s most popular Pranksters. They know how to keep the real masala to keep viewers glued for a crazy chuckle until the end. DO NOT TRY THESE PRANKS/SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS. Do watch for prank outcome before attempting any.

Audition Prank Gone Sexual # Shit happens

PrankBaaz is a popular Indian Youtube channel involved in creating the social experiment, viral videos, and quirky laughter videos. There audition prank highlights the dark side of Bollywood auditions, where the occurrence of sexual harassment is common.

A pre-planned prank outrages a female candidate’s ego when the audition judge tries to seduce her. After revealing the reality, the prank victim plays a bluff with the judge for an extra dosage of prank. Simply laughter bursting act!

Social Experiment on Delivery Boy

Girl Harassment Prank in India by Funk You. In this video, a delivery boy finds a girl in miserable condition and helps her instead of taking advantage. The prank increases politeness towards delivery boys, who respect women.

Honey Trap On A Dear Friend

PRANK: India’s one of the most popular pranks star group brings a honey trap prank. The prank is attempted on a friend of the Prankbaaz’s, who’s addicted to online chatting and agrees to meet an unknown girl (actor).

The later part is totally shocking and funny. All guys and girls playing the game of love on social networking sites must see this social experiment. Real Trap Dude!

Mom I am on drugs – “Prank gone wrong” Never Mess-up with Indian mom”

Foy Tv presents a prank that will make everyone laugh badly. In this video, a boy decides to pull a prank on his mom by telling her about drug addiction.

After listening about son’s drug addiction, it is clear to expect thrashing from Indian mom. All smokers and dopers must not miss it the joint!

SEX IN THE CAR PRANK by Funk You (Prank in India)

Another hit prank video by Funk You. This Youtube Channel knows how to create a fun element with crazy social experiment.

The car jumping on girl’s moaning sound does attracts the attention of nearby people, yet no reaction from the crowd.

Selling Cocaine in India prank

India’s first prank channels collaboration against drugs with the taste of entertainment. A bold act to find how curious Indian crowd behaves when offered cocaine on streets.

Friendship Day Special Prank

Watch how a prank tests the loyalty of a friend by asking the girlfriend to seduce a friend.

Asking Indian girls “How Much?”

A real gutsy prank by AVRprankTV. It’s a social experiment to track reaction of ordinary girls, when they are asked “How Much For Coming Out?” The desi boys in the video are too gutsy to ask a girl – How Much?


Desperate Gays on Street Prank in India by Funk You

What happens when a boy asks a girl, do she has a boyfriend? Then, he hugs his gay friend to accomplish the prank. The reaction of girls is pitiful for boys, but still every girl out there can watch this one for cracking a joke.

Making MMS of Girl in Public

On the daily basis, girls face the situation of boys recording videos and clicking pics. The FunkYou’s MMS prank gives a powerful blow on society’s face, which do not care about such activities in public against girls.

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