10 Bizarre Things You Get To Know While Having A Booze With Your Friends

Dates with your beloved is undoubtedly awesome, but nothing in this universe can ever beat the fun of getting drunk with friends. Having a booze with friends is always fun and frolic, no matter what the situation is.

Those who have experienced this bizarre situation can clearly understand; that from breakups to promotions and from failure to success, friends and alcohol have always been there with them.

The tremendous night that starts with the motive of having a fun and ends in long deep-thinking talks about life, is simply remarkable!

Here is the list of things that you get to know only when you get drunk with your friends.

Here We Go!

Real Love “Love you bro”.

You Know I Love You Man
You Know I Love You Man – Source

Surely there are sober people who always use a buzz phrase like “Tu mera bhai hai”, but the actual feeling of people explode only when they get real drunk.

Dirty Secrets…ssshhhh..Don’t tell this to anyone.

Shh... Don't Reveal Your Secrets
Shh… Don’t Reveal Your Secrets – Source

Yes, feelings explode. You will surely gonna know some real secrets.

All Office Gossip

Sharing office secrets
Sharing office secrets – Source

You will get to hear all the crispy secrets of their workplace.

The hidden feelings

I have a lot of feelings
I have a lot of feelings – Source

Yeah, you’re right. Surreptitious hatred and appreciation comes out after the 3rd tequila shot, ain’t they?

And few more secrets, but this time it’s about your ex.

Omg Shocked
Omg Shocked – Source

They will tell you all the dreadful minutiae about your ex that they knew but didn’t tell you before. Awww, that hurts!

Yes, you’ve heard it right. SECRET CRUSHES!

Ahhh I'm Surprised
Ahhh I’m Surprised – Source

Their relations with their families

don't even care
don’t even care – Source

They might share their love life with you, but at times it’s really hard to discuss that persistent relationship they have with their family.

Future Plans

Future Plans
Future Plans – Source

Having philosophical talks and discussions about future plans with friends after getting drunk is like a ritual.

Drinking capacities

Drinking capacities
Drinking capacities – Source

“Don’t worry, I don’t get drunk easily”, this is a communal phrase of every person before the party begins. But, after that you come to know about the real alcohol handling capacities.

Hidden talents

Hidden Talents
Hidden Talents – Source

When alcohol goes in; singers, actors and dancers come out.

Let’s have a drink! Cheers!